Oral Historians at Risk

Oral Historians at Risk is an initiative of the Oral History Association (OHA) Advocacy Committee. The committee’s goal is to increase OHA’s capacity to support researchers and narrators who find themselves working in politically and legally dangerous  situations, such as state repression, violence, surveillance, and censorship. This program is open to anyone involved in oral history work, whether or not you are affiliated with an academic institution, whether you are a researcher, student or project participant/narrator. Our work will include collecting and disseminating relevant best practices, fundraising, networking with organizations and people who engage this work globally, and referrals for financial and legal assistance, as needed.

If you are an oral historian at risk and would like support, you can connect with us via Whatsapp chat or by directly writing the Advocacy Committee contact listed below. Please provide your contact information, and explain your circumstances and needs. Where possible, we are happy to connect you with relevant resources and networks that can help. You can also provide us your contact details on Signal, if preferred.

If you are someone who can provide assistance to oral historians at risk – be it legal, financial, informational, a temporary abode, or other forms of aid- please feel free to write to the committee contacts below.

This initiative is currently in development. Please continually check back for links to relevant resources, financial assistance programs, and guides for oral historians working in perilous circumstances.



Contact Details:

Whatsapp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/ITWT3qQVSgq2ora99At9Al

Co-Chair: Anna Sheftel, Concordia University

Co-Chair: Liz Strong, Columbia University

Mary Marshall Clark, Columbia University

Francesco De Salvatore , Manager of the Alexandria Oral History Center

Nishani Frazier, University of Kansas

Elena Foulis, Ohio State University

Joan Mandell, Georgetown University

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