OHA Meet Ups

Established in 2022, The Oral History Association sponsors six in-person meet ups (up to $250 in expenses each) anywhere in the United States on a first-come, first-served basis. Here’s how it works:

1.  To apply, use this form to submit the name of two co-chairs for your meet-up, along with a description of your event and how you plan to make use of the funds.  At least one of the co-chairs must be an OHA member.

2.  When selected for sponsorship by the OHA, make an event plan and send it to us at oha@oralhistory.org. OHA will then share your event with members who are in your area while you spread the word in your networks. Make sure to mention OHA’s Code of Conduct when publicizing your event.

3. Meet! Eat! Drink! Be Merry! (and take photos)

4. Send your Meet-Up Report & Reimbursement Request and any photos from the event we can share on the OHA website/social media platforms to oha@oralhistory.org.

Upcoming Meet Ups

Past Meet Ups


Culture Lab LIC, Queens, NY, January 2024


Kentucky Museum, West Kentucky, November 2023

NYC Meet Up, Winter 2023

Bundy Museum of History and Art, Central New York, August 2023

Perry County Public Library, Hazard, Kentucky, August 2023

Lexington Public Library Central Library, Lexington, Kentucky, June 2023

NYC Meet Up, Summer 2023


Maryland Center for History and Culture’s Monument Street Courtyard, Baltimore, Maryland, September 2022

Sunset Marquis Hotel, West Hollywood, California, September 2022

Appalachia-Science in the Public Interest (ASPI), Mt. Vernon, Kentucky, September 2022

W.T. Young Library, Lexington, Kentucky, August 2022

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