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Audio Transcription Center
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We're a small boutique business doing large project transcription. The Audio Transcription Center was founded as The Skill Bureau in 1966 as a staffing agency, and a transcription service grew out of necessity. ATC prides itself on a 100% guarantee of your complete satisfaction by always delivering no less than a 99% accurate transcript. This has been crucial to the integrity of the transcription business since its founding. We always do our best to custom-match each client project to each transcriptionist to ensure the highest quality transcript every time.


The Skill Bureau was founded in 1966 as a staffing agency, and the Audio Transcription Center grew from within this concept as a transcription service for the greater Boston area academic community. With the onset of the internet ATC grew to be a worldwide business. ATC is proud to be members of the following organizations: Oral History Association since 2003, Society of American Archivists, Labor and Working-Class History Association, American Association of State and Local Historians, and more.


ATC is first and foremost a transcription services for oral histories, books, interviews, market research, military histories, legal, academic, and archival content in English. Also offering authentication, captioning, proofreading, copy editing, indexing, foreign language transcription and translation, and more.


Other Languages: ATC is able to recruit for any language as needed, so please advise as to your specific needs.

Purpose of Contact

  • I am available for hire - as an oral historian, consultant, presenter, educator, or related services
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