Atim George

Independent Researcher
A dedicated lifelong learner, I hold degrees in Speech Communications, Black Studies, Education, Transpersonal Studies as well as Leadership and Change. In February 2020, I published my dissertation entitled, Generative Leadership and the Life of Aurelia Erskine Brazeal, a Trailblazing African American Female Foreign Service, thereby realizing my long-held goal of earning a doctorate. I conducted postdoctoral research at UC Santa Barbara's Center for Black Studies Research. I am seeking a publication for my work entitled, Respect”Making Your Mess, Your Message:1 What I Learned About Courageous Truth- telling from Gender-based Violence. I am currently working on an oral history project under the auspices of the Library. of Congress' Archie Green Fellowship; it is entitled Playing the Angels' Game: Exploring the Perspectves of Black Foreign Service Women. NB: Diplomacy is called the Angels' Game because angels were the first enoys from the celestial realm to the terrestrial realm.


My first serious oral history project took place over 40 years ago when I interviewed my paternal grandmother at our dining room table. That interview revealed profound insights about my family of origin and cemented my interest in the discipline. As a doctoral student and later a postdoctoral fellow, I employed oral history as one of my research methodologies as a developed a thick description of Ambassador Aurelia E. Brazeal.. I continue to value the power and efficacy of oral history.


Passionate advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, and peace. Writer, mixed media artist, public speaker and independent researcher committed to advancing opportunities for underserved, under-resourced and underestimated communities to construct creative solutions to complex policy challenges. Dedicated to forging smart partnerships. Skilled in conceptualizing and managing high-impact programs. Global citizen and award-winning Senior U.S. diplomat (retired) with an extensive network in civil society and the academy. Experienced leader skilled in building strong, mutually beneficial relationships; uCritical thinker and creative problem solver focused on delivering high-quality results;uOutstanding interpersonal, intergenerational and multicultural communication skills;uMaintained a robust public speaking practice engaging key stakeholders in academia, business, civil society, government, and the media on topics such as democratic governance, human rights, STEM, the environment, youth and women's empowerment.uForeign Language Skills, Spanish 3/3, Rudimentary Swahili


Regions Available for Work

Other Regions: Maryland and metropolitan Washington|| DC

Purpose of Contact

  • I am available for hire - as an oral historian, consultant, presenter, educator, or related services
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