Lead Records Researcher and Records Researchers Positions with the civil rights cold case review board

Deadline: March 7, 2024

The Civil Rights Cold Case Records Review Board is hiring a Lead Records Researcher and five Records Researchers. The vacancies are currently being filled and the deadline to apply is March 7.

If you have any questions please contact the board’s chief of staff Stephannie Oriabure at stephannie.oriabure@coldcaserecords.gov

The “Civil Rights Cold Case Investigations Support Act of 2022” (Public Law 117-222) was signed into law by President Biden in December 2022. Because President Trump never appointed any members, passage of the law was necessary to extend the term of the Civil Rights Cold Case Review Board from four to seven years with the option to extend for an additional year, potentially extending the Review Board’s authority to January 8, 2027. In January 2019, President Trump signed into law the “Civil Rights Cold Case Records Collection Act of 2018” (Public Law 115-426). It authorized the National Archives and Records Administration to create a collection of unsolved civil rights case files. In addition, the law established a Civil Rights Cold Case Review Board to determine which records can be released. In February 2022, President Biden appointed, and the Senate confirmed, four of the five members of the board. They are Emory University archivist Gabrielle Dudley, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Henry Klibanoff, civil rights lawyer Margaret Burnham, and UCLA Professor of History and Professor of African American Studies Dr. Brenda Stevenson.  NCH facilitated submission of the nominees from the AHA, the Organization of American Historians and the Society of American Archivists to the White House Office of Personnel. We have learned that the Biden administration does not intend to fill the fifth slot that was authorized under the law. The board has finally begun its work reviewing cases. An executive director and an attorney with experience litigating Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) claims have been hired.

To apply to the Lead Records Researcher position, click here.

To apply to one of the Records Researchers positions, click here.

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