Blog: Publications Committee in the Digital Age…

Post written by Doug Lambert,

In Oklahoma last fall the OHA publications committee welcomed Douglas Lambert as its new chair.  Three new committee members (Molly Rosner, Jeff Corrigan, Teresa Barnett) were added for a three year term, joining Nancy Berlage, Nick Meriwether, and Lambert. Our new group has already been active over email and conference calls addressing the items outlined in the committee’s updated charge.  Activities for this year will include more engagement in the OHA’s blog, an exploration of how we can embrace open access journals like the University of Michigan’s Oral History in the Digital Age (OHDA) website, consideration of a new print pamphlets, and a reevaluation of the committee’s own identity in the context of a reduced emphasis on print in the digital era.  The group has members with between 5 and 30 years’ experience with oral history and OHA and we enter 2014 with great enthusiasm.  We also plan to develop some internal discussions that are philosophical in nature, and hope to extend the discussion into the OHA blogosphere!

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