Sarah Dziedzic

Sarah Dziedzic is an oral historian, teaching artist, project consultant, and workshop facilitator based in New York City. She has produced numerous oral history projects in partnership with museums, archives, school programs, and community groups on NYC neighborhood history, visual arts, and cultural heritage. As a vocal advocate for economic accessibility within the oral history profession and across the cultural work sector, in 2022, she received an NEH-funded mini-grant from the Oral History Association to produce a survey and white paper on issues oral history workers face in the workplace, and was also invited to serve on the Empowering the Public History Workplace working group of the National Council on Public History. Prior to that, she served as co-chair of the Oral History Association's Independent Practitioner Task Force, where she created a free, public toolkit and other resources that outline fair labor and payment practices for contract and freelance oral history work. She graduated from Columbia's Oral History Master of Arts program in 2011 and lives in Queens with her partner and their many houseplants.


I earned my Oral History Master of Arts (OHMA) from Columbia University in 2011 and have been a practicing oral historian since 2010, working in a variety of full-time positions, temporary contract roles, and as a freelance consultant and practitioner.


Oral history interviewing, project design, project consultation, project management, budgeting, teaching (adults, K-12), archival processing


Regions Available for Work

Other Regions: I am based in New York City and travel throughout the United States for projects. I'm also available to meet|| provide services|| and conduct interviews remotely.

Purpose of Contact

  • I am available to answer questions, or provide mentorship to other oral historians
  • I am available for hire - as an oral historian, consultant, presenter, educator, or related services
  • I am available to collaborate - on research, community projects, artistic endeavors, or other joint undertakings with peers
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