Mary Hilpertshauser

David J. Sencer CDC Museum
Phone: 404 247-4422
Mary Hilpertshauser is the Museum Collections and Oral History Manager at the David J. Sencer CDC Museum. It allows her to wear many hats, historian, registrar, conservator, archivist, collections manager, oral historian, webmaster, tour guide, and science nerd. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Ms. Hilpertshauser moved to Atlanta to work for Turner Broadcasting while pursuing her master's in art history. Mary joined the David J. Sencer CDC Museum team in 2002 and devotes her days to hoarding and preserving the history of the unwieldy beast that is CDC.


Have been working with oral histories for the past 17 years in various roles, from project planner and oral historian to web developer and media editor at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the David J. Sencer CDC Museum.


Archiving, website building, field recording, exhibit design, media editing, project management, project planning,


Regions Available for Work

Other Regions: Georgia|| Tennessee|| Florida|| South Carolina|| North Carolina||

Purpose of Contact

  • I am available to answer questions, or provide mentorship to other oral historians
  • I am available for hire - as an oral historian, consultant, presenter, educator, or related services
  • I am available to collaborate - on research, community projects, artistic endeavors, or other joint undertakings with peers
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