Jill Freidberg

Wa Na Wari
Phone: 2068516785
Jill Freidberg is a Seattle-based oral historian, documentary filmmaker, sound artist, and educator. Her work reflects her belief that responsible storytelling can build understanding and solidarity across borders and across the street. Freidberg's current projects include Wa Na Wari, a center for Black art and stories, in Seattle's Central District, where she co-directs the Seattle Black Spatial Histories Institute; and the Shelf Life Community Story project, an oral history collective that uses public art, podcasts, and community gatherings to interrupt the narratives of erasure that accompany gentrification and displacement. Freidberg is also the Digital Media Editor for History Link, an online encyclopedia of Washington State History.


I have been recording and editing non-fiction stories since 1995, and have been a practicing oral historian since 2010. I teach undergraduate oral history, audio storytelling, and documentary filmmaking at University of Washington. I have co-directed the Seattle Black Spatial Histories Institute since 2021, which involves curriculum development, project planning, fundraising, and instruction in research and interviewing. I have a Certificate of Excellence in Film Production from the Vancouver Film School (1995) and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Oregon (1990).


Skills that I have and also teach:Audio production and editing (Audition or Hindenburg)Story editing Oral History project planningConducting oral histories (research, pre-interviews, interviewing, transcription, preservation)Archival researchContributions I could make to collaborations:Background in public art and sound artResearch skillsStory editing

Regions Available for Work

Other Regions: Washington state|| Oregon|| British Columbia|| Mexico City|| Oaxaca|| and Remote/Virtual

Purpose of Contact

  • I am available for hire - as an oral historian, consultant, presenter, educator, or related services
  • I am available to collaborate - on research, community projects, artistic endeavors, or other joint undertakings with peers
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