OHA Article Award

In 1993, the Oral History Association established an honorific award to recognize a published article or essay that uses oral history to make a significant contribution to contemporary scholarship; significantly advances understanding of important theoretical issues in oral history; and/or is an outstanding example of sound oral history methodology.

The next award will be made at the OHA’s 2024 annual meeting. The winning author(s) will receive an award plaque, a one-year membership in the OHA, and complimentary registration for the annual meeting.

Articles published between January 1 to December 31 of the previous year are eligible for consideration. The OHA welcomes entries that represent the work of academic scholars, public historians, professionals in history-related disciplines, and community-based individuals and groups. Entries are welcome from around the world but must be in English. The submission portal is now open!

Submissions will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
  • Contribution to socio/historical inquiry
  • Contribution to the practice of oral history
  • Adherence to sound methodology in the conduct of interviews, including the deposit of completed interviews in a public repository for subsequent use and reinterpretation, where appropriate
  • Skillfulness and originality of presentation

The award may be granted to a publication that, at least in part, derives its significance from germinal work done previously by the author(s). Submissions for this award are limited to articles and essays. For consideration of a book-length project, please submit to the OHA Book Award.

To Submit:

Upload one PDF copy of the article or essay, as well as a nomination letter that assesses the work’s significance, current impact, and contributions to knowledge and/or the practice of oral history. (Please make sure the title of each document includes the author’s last name). Click here to access the submission portal.

Committee Chair: Todd Moye, todd.moye@unt.edu, 2023-2026

Kathy Newfont, 2023-2026
Jonathan Coulis, 2023-2026
Nadia Awad, 2023-2026

The submission form is now open! The submission deadline is July 1, 2024.

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