Introduction to CollectionBuilder-SHEETS: A Free, Virtual Workshop

Date: Wednesday, March 6 at 12:00 PM EST

Learn how to use CollectionBuilder-Sheets (SHEETS) to create a free digital collection website that encourages browsing and contextualizing items through timelines, maps, and word cloud visualizations. No programming experience or software installation is required for this workshop; beginners from any background are welcome! SHEETS, the newest CollectionBuilder template, enables users to build digital collections directly from a Google Sheet of metadata. The first part of the workshop will review how to use SHEETS’ built-in development mode to prototype, test, and share a draft of your digital collection site. Next, participants will learn how to publish a permanent digital collection site using SHEETS. There will be demo metadata and digital objects available to use, but participants are also welcome to bring their own metadata and objects to work with. Before attending the workshop, we encourage you to view examples of CollectionBuilder projects in our CollectionBuilder Examples collection.

This workshop will be taught by Julia Stone (University of Idaho), Olivia Wikle (Iowa State University), and Evan Peter Williamson (University of Idaho) on Wednesday, March 6 at 12:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time).

Register here.

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