Oral History Manager, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Deadline February 7, 2024

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Musuem (ALPLM) is hiring an Exec II – Oral Historian Manager. The incumbent will work closely with the Director of Research and Interpretation to document, preserve, make available the stories of Illinoisans. The ideal candidate will have a background in conducting and managing oral history interviews including management of a volunteer workforce. The incumbent should have experience in oral history outreach including technical and professional experience in archival preservation and access. In accordance with the legislative act to teach a diverse history, applicants should have experience with oral histories and documentation of communities not traditionally represented in historical collections. We invite qualified applicants to apply for the position to help ALPLM to continue to chronicle the life of one of our nation’s greatest Presidents and the history of Illinois. To learn more and apply click here.

Job Responsibilities

1. Directs, plans, organizes, executes, controls and evaluates the operation of the Oral History Program:

  • Conducts professional historical research related to potential interviewees who are relevant to Illinois history, Civil War and Abraham Lincoln
  • Priorities, plans, schedules and conducts historical interviews
  • Determines areas of Illinois history requiring additional study and possible interviewees
  • Establish and implements program policies

2. Conducts and completes the full interview process:

  • Transcribes or oversees the transcription of interviews
  • Edits transcripts and audio files of interviews for archiving and digital publication
  • Authenticates and interprets statements made by interviewees
  • Writes and edits background information to accompany transcripts and audio files
  • Prepares articles for distribution regarding the oral history program’s ongoing and complete projects, works with Library Services Director on issues related to media information and archiving of oral history interviews and transcriptions

3. Serves as representative and primary contact for the Oral History Program:

  • Coordinates with other agency divisions to publicize the Oral History Program through presentations, radio interviews and written articles and participates in public programs
  • Maintains relationships and collaborates with other institutions throughout Illinois
  • Coordinates with the agency’s public programs staff to participate and lead agency public events

4. Serves as a working supervisor:

  • Assigns and reviews work
  • Provides guidance and training to assigned staff
  • Counsels staff regarding work performance
  • Reassigns staff to meet day-to-day operating needs
  • Establishes annual goals and objectives
  • Approves time off
  • Prepares and signs performance evaluations

5. Collaborates and coordinates with the Education Division to develop teacher lesson plans and educational programs:

  • Participates in educational programs for teachers and students in conjunction with the Education Division
  • Conducts periodic workshops for interviewers, transcribers, editors, and other institutions throughout the state

6. Develops the budget for the Oral History Program for approval by senior management and the agency fiscal office:

  • Approves expenditures
  • Develops grant proposals and completes grant applications
  • Monitors grant expenditures and coordinates compliance in grant reporting with the agency fiscal office

7. Provides professional research assistance to authors, teachers, students, and the public using the Oral History Program website for research:

  • Answers research questions and directs researchers to other sources at the ALPLM or to outside entities

8. Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Requires knowledge, skill, and mental development equivalent to completion of four years of college.
2. Requires two (2) years of responsible administrative experience in public or business administration.
3. Requires two (2) years of experience in public history or related field and interviewing.
4. Requires digital editing, digital archiving, audio/visual, or related experience.

Preferred Qualifications

1. Prefers two (2) years experience of oral history techniques and philosophy.
2. Prefers two (2) years experience working knowledge of Illinois history.
3. Prefers two (2) years experience developing and managing the Oral History program for the agency.
4. Prefers two (2) years experience developing, installing, and evaluating new and revised methods, procedures, and performance standards.
5. Prefers two (2) years experience exercising judgment and discretion in developing, implementing, and interpreting departmental policies and procedures.
6. Prefers two (2) years experience estimating and budgeting for future needs and cost of personnel, space, equipment, supplies and services.
7. Prefers a Masters degree or PhD in oral history, digital editing, folk studies, library information science, archives management or public history.
8. Prefers one year experience in database management.
9. Prefers one year experience managing website content or working with content management systems.
10. Prefers one year transcription experience.
11. Prefers one year experience researching diverse and unique aspects of history.

Conditions of Employment

1. Requires ability to occasionally work unusual and/or prolonged hours.
2. Requires ability to travel and possess, or obtain within 30 days, a valid appropriate driver’s license.
3. Requires ability to pass a background check. 

The conditions of employment listed here are incorporated and related to any of the job duties as listed in the job description.

About Our Agency

The ALPLM is passionate in or mission to inspire civic engagement through the diverse lens of Illinois history and sharing with the world the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln.  As caretakers of a one-of-a-kind collection of artifacts, we consider our work to learn, teach and share history a great honor. The people of the ALPLM strive to employ innovate approaches to create a positive impact for the future, as it can be inspired by the past.  As preservationists of Illinois’ diverse history, we strive to build, maintain, and make accessible a growing record of history for today’s inquisitive explorers as well as those who shall, in the future, rely on our efforts.  Our learning-centered agency insists on the values of honesty and integrity, intentional leadership, equitable collaboration and transparent accountability.  The ALPLM boasts pristine facilities, a creative environment, and a professional staff with a variety of backgrounds and talents.

As a State of Illinois employee, you will receive a robust benefits package that includes the following:

* A Pension Program

* Competitive Group Insurance Benefits including Health, Life, Dental and Vision insurance

* 12 Paid Sick Days annually (Sick days carry over from year to year)

* 13 paid holidays annually – 14 on even numbered years

* 12 weeks paid maternity / paternity leave

* Deferred Compensation Program  – A Supplemental retirement plan

* Optional Pre-Tax Programs such as Medical Care Assistance Plan (MCAP) Dependent Care Assistance Plan (DCAP) and more

For more information about our benefits please follow this link https//www2.illinois.gov/coms/benefits/pages/default.aspx

Work Hours:  8:30am to 5:00pm Monday – Friday  
Work Location: 212 N 6th St Springfield, IL 62701-1004  
Agency Contact: 

Kathleen Love

Email: Kathleen.Love@illinois.gov

Phone #:217-558-8974

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