Call for Submissions – On Shifting Ground: Migration, Disruption, and the Changing Contours of Home

A Call for Submissions | Vol. 11 (2024) | Guest Editors, Michelle Banks and Sojin Kim

The 2024 Journal of Folklore and Education seeks submissions that explore “disruption” and “migration” in relation to the process of reimagining home and tradition. We are interested in contributions that situate creativity and cultural production in moments and landscapes of flux and transformation, and how those affected by these forces forge strategies that disrupt established paradigms. Thus, topics such as identity, inclusion and exclusion, memory, transformation, and community also inform this issue.

We are interested in contributions that address, for example:

  • People’s experiences during and in response to migrations and/or displacements of different sorts (domestic, international, rural-urban, voluntary and forced, in response to climate, for economic reasons, etc.)
  • Cultural realignment (coalition building, mutual aid, rethinking/rebuilding communities);
  • Stories or examples of how people disrupt narratives of harm and pathology related to migration with cultural production that represents resilience, agency, transformation, generative practices
  • Praxis—the work we do—examples of how the work of educators, folklorists, or culture bearers/artists directly intervene in or disrupt conventions, persistent issues, or chronic conditions

We welcome contributions in many formats, including interviews, multimedia, photo essays, notes (a shorter format report), and lesson plans. Submissions due March 15, 2024. Please review Information for Authors prior to submitting. Read the full Call for Submissions here:

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