Co-Executive Directors Report

Greetings from the Executive Office.

We hope everyone is doing well and has rested up from what was a stellar conference in Los Angeles. It was so nice to see each other and to share our work in person.

Since returning to Tennessee, the executive staff has been finishing out the year with the usual post-conference activities including paying bills and planning for the next year, including next year’s meeting in Baltimore, Oct. 18-21, 2023.

We will hold OHA’s Day of Giving on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022. The money raised will go towards supporting the OHA’s Indigenous Initiative. If you haven’t donated already, you can donate here:

We are hard at work transitioning the Executive Office to Baylor University. We are still planning various portions of the move, but we will be transferring the actual office materials in December as well as the financial responsibility for the organization. We have put in place a vigorous support system for the new executive officers to ensure a smooth transition, including hiring a new program associate as soon as possible. Come the first of the year, the Institute for Oral History at Baylor University will be OHA’s new institutional home.

Finally, thanks for a great five years. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you all. Serving the members of OHA and helping advance the field through the association has been an honor.


Kristine McCusker
Louis M. Kyriakoudes

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