Throwback Thursday…1975 (is that an OHA sweatshirt?)

Follow our weekly series, Throwback Thursday, designed to help celebrate 50 years of OHA. We’ll profile a year in the life of the organization each week with photos, logos, and highlights taken from the Oral History Association Newsletter. We welcome your memories, photos, and comments at

OHA in 1975…


Left to right: Joel Gardner and Bernard Galm of UCLA, outgoing Newsletter editors. Note the OHA sweatshirt…

President: Samuel Proctor, University of Florida
Site of the Annual Colloquium: Asheville, North Carolina
Newsletter: Tom Charlton, editor
Editorial office moves to Baylor University, Waco, Texas
Annual individual membership: Increased to $10

Highlights of 1975 from the Oral History Association Newsletter

  • OHA Council appoints Ron Marcello as Executive Secretary of OHA, combining the offices of Secretary and Treasurer and locating them at North Texas State University in Denton, Texas.
  • OHA members asked to review revisions to the organizations Goals and Guidelines, the precursor to today’s Principles and Best Practices, for a vote at the 1976 annual meeting.
  • The buzz word of the year was “Bicentennial” as organizations across the county delved into oral history projects preparing for 1976.

Who were we interviewing in 1975?

  • Martha Ross, lecturer in oral history at the University of Maryland–those connected to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service since its establishment by the National Labor Relations Act of 1947 (Taft-Hartley)
  • UCLA Oral History Program — the Los Angeles art community including Karl Benjamin, John McLaughlin, and Fred Hammersley
  • Gerontological Society — early leaders in the field representing fields ranging from cell biology to the psychology of human development
  • Imperial War Museum, London — the life and work of the lower deck of the Royal Navy from 1900 to 1930, including recruiting, training, mess room life, discipline, and customs and traditions

Check back next week for highlights from 1976…

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