Blog: Annual Meeting Scholarships

post by Leslie McCartney, International Committee Web Liaison

The Oral History Association’s annual meeting will be held in Madison, Wisconsin from October 8-12, 2014. Each year the International Committee offers scholarships to international presenters for the annual meeting. We encourage applications from a diverse population of people who might contribute to the association’s annual meeting.  We welcome scholarship applications from students, professionals, and community practitioners. Scholarship applications for the 2014 annual meeting will be posted on the website in January.  For presenter scholarships, papers must demonstrate superior oral history methodology and research to qualify for a scholarship. For non-presenter scholarships, funded applications will demonstrate how attending will benefit the recipient AND how such attendance would further oral history among a particular community or audience. Please read the instructions carefully and complete the application as fully as possible within the word limits indicated. Each year we offer between 5-8 scholarships. Scholarships can only be received once. For more information, visit: Please direct any scholarship related questions to

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