OHA Annual Meeting: Spotlight on Wednesday Special Events

Wednesday, October 9, 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Documentary Film, Anne Braden: Southern Patriot

A Braden Anne Braden: Southern Patriot is a documentary exploration of the extraordinary life and legacy of this American civil rights leader. After she was charged with sedition for attempting to desegregate a Louisville, Kentucky neighborhood in 1954, Braden used the attacks to turn herself “inside out” and embrace a lifetime of racial justice organizing matched by few whites in American history. Braden was hailed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his 1963 Letter from Birmingham Jail as a white southerner whose rejection of her segregationist upbringing was “eloquent and prophetic, ” and named as one of only five southern whites he could count as allies. Labeled a “traitor to her race” and ostracized as a “red” by segregationists and even many in the civil rights movement, she fought for an inclusive movement community and demonstrated that protecting civil liberties was essential to gaining civil rights. Described as “one of the great figures of our time” by historian Jacquelyn Hall, Braden died in 2006 leaving a remarkable legacy as a grassroots organizer, committed journalist, movement strategist, social chronicler, teacher and mentor to three generations of social justice activists.

In the film Braden recalls 60 years of activism that intersected and linked issues of race with civil liberties, class, gender, sexuality, economic justice, environmentalism, and peace. She delivers a powerful message on the dangers of racism and white supremacy, why it poses such an obstacle to social change, and the necessity of whites organizing with people of color to eliminate it. Braden biographer Catherine Fosl, Angela Y. Davis, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Barbara Ransby, Rev. C.T. Vivian and Cornel West among others add their comments on the far-reaching implications of Braden’s life for activists, students, scholars and anyone interested in building a better world.

The film was directed by Anne Lewis and Mimi Pickering of Appalshop Films, Whitesburg, Kentucky.  Mimi Pickering will introduce the film and will answer questions following the showing of the documentary.


Wednesday Evening Reception


 Celebrating Leadership of the Southern Oral History Program

October 9, 2013, 8:30PM

A reception in honor of founding director and lead scholar for forty years, Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, and coordinator extraordinaire for fifteen years, Elizabeth A. Millwood.

Join us in heralding the next phase of two stellar careers and lives.

                                                                                             • Dessert Buffet

                                                                                             • Cash Bar

                                                                                             • Dress to Dance

                                                                      All OHA meeting attendees are welcome!



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