A Call for Submissions on Pedagogy

The Oral History Review’s Section on Pedagogy

Across the country and throughout the world, grade to graduate school teachers, professors, and program coordinators are integrating oral history into their pedagogical practice.  In order to capture the transformative power of oral history as an educational methodology, the Oral History Review, the journal of the Oral History Association, dedicated its Winter/Spring 2011 issue to “Pedagogy.”

In order to continue to be the leading disseminator of projects, programs, and instructional practices that emerge from the use of oral history as an educational methodology, the Oral History Review will launch a yearly pedagogy section as a permanent feature of the Review in 2012.

Glenn Whitman, author of Dialogue with the Past: Engaging Students and Meeting Standards through Oral History, will serve as editor of this section.  The Review is seeking article submissions from the both the national and international perspective that reflect the experience of educators and the work of students on all levels, from grade school through graduate education.

If you are interested in writing on pedagogy, or have a suggestion or interest in a specific type of article, potential author or innovative project that should be highlighted, please submit your ideas to gwhitman@saes.org.

This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate transformative teaching and learning and the important contributions students can make to the historical record, as well as other uses and applications of oral history, when empowered with the opportunity to be and think like oral historians.

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