Stetson Kennedy Vox Populi (“Voice of the People”) Award

The Stetson Kennedy Vox Populi (“Voice of the People”) Award is an esteemed OHA designation that will be bestowed at the 2024 OHA Annual Meeting. The award honors individuals and organizations for outstanding achievement in using oral history to create a more humane and just world with special consideration given to candidates whose body of work is substantial enough to be regarded as a significant achievement. Nominees may include those who use oral history as a means of furthering social justice as well as those collecting oral histories of social justice advocates. The award comes with a cash prize of $200.

The award is named in honor of Stetson Kennedy, a pioneer oral historian whose work has been an important tool for advocacy on behalf of human rights.  His work has also had a significant, continuing impact on the oral history movement itself.

The Vox Populi Award was created to recognize work that has made this kind of difference in the world, while advancing our sense of the power of oral history in the process. The award is co-sponsored by the Stetson Kennedy Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to human rights, racial and social justice, environmental stewardship, and the preservation and growth of folk culture.

To Submit:

The Committee invites nominations, which should be in the form of a two-to-three page nominating statement describing the individual or organization’s accomplishments and the rationale for the nomination. Nominations should include nominee’s curriculum vitae/resume (for an individual) or list of past and present projects/initiatives (for an organization). (Please make sure the title of each document includes the person’s last name or the organization name).

If the nomination progresses to the next level of consideration, the committee will follow up and ask for a minimum of two and a maximum of five letters of support for the nominee.

The nominating letter and any supporting text documentation should be uploaded here. Self-nominations are welcome. Supporting materials such as collection descriptions, transcripts, audio and video interviews, publications, media productions, websites, news accounts, supporting letters, etc. can be included.

Committee Chair:

Steve Estes,, 2023-2026


Lynn Lewis, 2022-2025
Andrew Davenport, 2023-2026

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