Mason Multi-Media Awards

The Oral History Association established the Mason Multi-Media honorific awards to recognize outstanding oral history projects, collections, exhibits, and multimedia presentations for the public. Up to three awards will be given each year. The next Awards will be presented at the OHA’s 2024 annual meeting. The winning entrants will receive an award plaque and one-year memberships in the OHA; the persons accepting the awards will receive complimentary registrations to the annual meeting. The submission portal is now open!

Qualifying projects may be any of the following: 

  • Oral History Project or Collection (physical and/or virtual)
  • Exhibitions (physical and/or virtual)
  • Documentary or Performance (podcasts, films, theatrical productions, mobile applications, etc.)

Projects published/completed between January 1 to December 31 of the previous year are eligible for consideration. The OHA welcomes nominations for projects with an institutional affiliation, including those undertaken by libraries, archives, colleges and universities, museum and historical organizations, community-based institutions, and others; as well as those undertaken by academic scholars, independent researchers, and ad hoc groups. The awards will not be given to an ongoing project or oral history program, although they may be given to a distinct project or interview series within such a program. We encourage nominations from both large and small oral history projects. Entries are welcome from around the world but must be submitted in English.

Submissions will be evaluated according to the following questions:
  • Is oral history essential to an understanding of the historical subject presented?
  • Is oral history a significant component of the product as well as the research informing it?
  • Is the subject of historical significance? Is it treated accurately? Is the work informed by current scholarship?
  • Have professional standards been employed in the conduct, use, and disposition of oral history interviews developed in conjunction with the work?
  • Is oral history used imaginatively, taking advantage of its strengths? Is it used appropriately for the medium in which it is presented?
  • Does the product communicate its message effectively? How important is oral history to its success?
To submit:

Nominations for a project or collection are to include:

  • Samples of the project interviews (e.g. audio- and/or videotapes, transcripts)
  • Examples of products associated with the project (e.g. anthologies, photo essays, media presentations, finding aids)
  • A nominating letter that outlines the project’s research design/methodology and addresses its scholarly and social significance

Nominations for an exhibition are to include:

  • A copy of the audiovisual productions(s) that use oral history
  • An exhibit walk-through, including slides and the text of major labels
  • A nominating letter that discusses why oral history was used, how it was used in the development of the work, and the methodology informing the oral history process

Nominations for a documentary or performance are to include:

  • A link to a copy of the production itself and when applicable, a copy of the script
  • A nominating letter that discusses why oral history was used, how it was used in the development of the work, and the methodology informing the oral history process.

If the project progresses to the next level of consideration, the committee will follow up and ask for 2-5 letters of support for the nomination.

Committee Chair:

Yolanda Hester,, 2023-2026

Barbara Truesdell, 2021-2024
Max Peterson, 2023-2026

The submission form is now open! The submission deadline is July 1, 2024.

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