Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee encourages participation and representation of, and research related, to diverse groups in the OHA.


Ela Banarjee, ela@voiceofwitness.org
Melody Lee Hunter-Pillion, melody@unc.edu

Committee members:

  • Nairy Abd El Shafy
  • Benji de la Piedra
  • Andre Taylor
  • Alan Stein
  • Earl Bowen, Jr.
  • Kate Singer
  • Lucas Wilson
  • Moira Armstrong
  • Sach Takayasu
  • Oluwasola Daniels
  • Tiffany Gonzalez
  • Gloria Rhodes
  • Shilpi Malinowski

Committee Historian and Member at Large:

Alphine Jefferson, Randolph-Macon College, awjefferson@rmc.edu

Council Liaison:

Francine Spang-Willis, francinespangwillis@gmail.com

Committee on Committees Liaison:

Regennia Williams, rwilliams@wrhs.org

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