OHA’s Statement on Ukraine

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The Oral History Association condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its indiscriminate  bombing and killing of Ukrainian civilians.  We are appalled by the destruction of hospitals, universities, museums, and historic sites. The invasion has been justified in ways that erase and render invisible the history of Ukrainian people and their subjective experiences of Russian social, cultural, and economic domination.  We further condemn the arrest of anti-war protestors and the closure of independent media by the Russian government. 

The Oral History Association is committed to a world where the dignity of all people and their fundamental human rights are protected and nurtured by and for all. Our organization strives for a world where a deep humanistic understanding of the past, developed through a process of listening and mutual respect, shapes a more inclusive and equitable future. 

We support the resilience and resistance of the Ukrainian people, and the efforts of all those working to address this humanitarian crisis.  In particular, we have reached out and will do what we can to support the work of the Ukrainian Association of Oral History, oral historians, archivists, librarians, activists, their families, and their communities in their struggle for survival and in their efforts to document the ongoing atrocities.   

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