2021 Virtual Meeting Details

***All times listed on the PDF of the Preliminary Schedule are in the Eastern Time Zone. ***


For this year’s annual meeting we are using a virtual event platform called Pheedloop. Pheedloop will work similarly to the platform we used last year in that it will be the gateway to accessing all the conference content. In addition to having the schedule of sessions, we’ll have an Exhibit Hall and Poster Session where attendees will be able to engage with exhibitors and presenters through text and video chat. Attendees will also be able to chat with other attendees one on one. The platform has Zoom integration, which should streamline joining and switching between sessions, and allows attendees to create a personal schedule of sessions. It also has accessibility adjustments, which allows attendees to adjust settings like font size,  color contrast and saturation, etc., and can optimize profiles for vision impairment, ADHD, and more. Pheedloop will adjust the times of the program schedule to the attendees’ time zone.

Conference registrants will receive a virtual event invite in their email from Pheedloop shortly before the conference. This invite will have the link and login information to access the virtual event platform. We’ll also have instructions on how to update personal information and navigate the platform.

Poster Session and Exhibit Hall

This year the poster session and exhibit hall will be integrated into Pheedloop. Attendees will be able to browse them anytime during the conference, but we’ll also have times built into the schedule so attendees can chat with the people at each “booth.”


For the regular sessions, OHA has acquired a package of professional Zoom licenses so that we can host and manage ten simultaneous sessions.  The expectation is that presenters will present their materials live and that there will be live engagement with the audience following the presentations. Our goal is to have at least one volunteer per session, who will edit the automated third-party transcript. If possible, we ask that the chair of the session host the meeting, but if they are not comfortable with that, then we will have another volunteer present. Panelists and speakers will also share their visual slides live through Zoom screen share. For the most part, the panels will run very similarly to how we would run our panels in a live conference format.

Attendees will join the Zoom sessions directly through Pheedloop, though there is an option to join traditionally as well if there are any problems (with a link and passcode).


We have developed a strategy to make this the most accessible OHA conference to date.  The plenaries and business meeting will have live ASL translation.  All sessions (not including Zoom breakout rooms) will have an automated transcript, and we are working to develop a list of volunteers to edit those transcripts before posting the recording.  We have provided guidance to presenters so that they can develop accessible visual presentations. Presenters will also be able to upload any presentation materials to the virtual event platform.

If there is a way we can make your conference experience more accessible, please email us at oha@oralhistory.org.

Recorded Sessions

We will record all sessions unless panelists explicitly opt out. If even one panelists opts out, then the whole panel will not be recorded. All attendees will be notified upon entering a session that the session is being recorded and that their participation within the session will be recorded.  These recordings will be posted along with the transcripts.  These recordings will be accessible only to those who are registered for the conference.  Conference attendees will be able to view sessions scheduled alongside one another and will be able to watch the sessions regardless of what time zone they live in.  Pre-conference workshops will also be recorded, but those recordings will only be accessible to those registered for that workshop.

To opt out of being recorded, please fill out this presenter survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdfSMyuUmLh-iqom5nqwW5YqnpdnXXOUQLfBB1px6kClrzFvA/viewform?usp=sf_link



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