Co-Directors’ Report

By Kristine McCusker

            Have you seen that we’re offering a new webinar? This is in response to the members’ survey in 2017 (capably led by Troy Reeves and the Membership Task Force) in which members told us they wanted more professional development opportunities.

            Molly Graham was our choice to lead our Radio Storytelling webinar because her workshop on podcasting at the annual conference in Montreal sold out quickly. The software we’re using–Adobe Connect–allows us 100 participants per webinar, and so 100 participants will always be the limit. Faith Bagley, our intrepid program associate, will record them and put them behind the paywall for any member’s use.

            You’ll already find the Documenting Your Community webinar from November 2017 under “Blogs, Webinar, etc.” on the OHA home page. Members can find access to all of the past and future recordings here: .

            We’re thinking of these webinars as more than just professional development. We see them as outreach to members of other organizations like National Council on Public History, the Organization of American Historians and the American Association for State and Local History.  And to be frank, the webinars have some real revenue producing potential so we can keep conference and membership costs as low as possible. Thus, we’ve set aside 50 seats for members and 50 for non-members in upcoming webinars. 

            Join us June 27 at 1 p.m. EDT for Radio Storytelling. We’re also already planning the next webinar, so stay tuned.

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