Co-Executive Directors’ Report

By Kristine McCusker


The OHA Executive Office is working on various projects right now that will benefit you, our members.

The website is updated to meet the new security measures required by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

You’ve already seen an announcement about the trip to Cuba. We hope many of you will go because Charles Bittner, our guide, has been to Cuba more than 30 times and promises to be a first-rate tour leader. See the details below. If you can’t go this time, the OHA likely will sponsor another trip, perhaps in two years.

We’re also working on producing a webinar featuring Molly Graham, who will discuss oral history and podcasting. The webinar is tentatively set for June, with more details to come. Some of you may remember that Molly ran a sold-out workshop last year at the Montreal annual conference on a similar subject. If you miss the webinar, Faith Bagley, our intrepid program associate, has set up our very own YouTube channel where you can view the webinar. We hope to keep adding new material.

Kris McCusker went to Philadelphia for the Organization of American Historians conference and made some nice connections with other professional societies while also seeing plenty of OHA folks there. Finally, Kris, Faith and Louis Kyriakoudes helped judge the Tennessee State History Day competition and have been working on (and awarding!) an OHA award for the best use of oral history.

Finally, we say goodbye to our wonderful master’s student, Keneisha Mosely, who has done a tremendous job this past year, working on projects such as organizing registrations for us for the Montreal meeting. Keneisha has an internship this summer at the Rutherford County Archives (in Murfreesboro, Tennessee) and will probably be teaching this fall.

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