Co-Executive Directors Report

By Kristine McCusker and Louis Kyriakoudes

It has been a year since the Executive Office moved from Georgia State University, and we are thankful that we are not nearly as busy this January and February as we were this time last year. This has given us time to attend to some bigger projects.

For example, Faith Bagley, our intrepid program associate, has been moving our website from a server at Michigan State University to Go Daddy. It has been a relatively glitch-free process, thanks to Faith’s hard work, but we’re still making the changes and figuring out where the transition did not go smoothly. Thanks for your patience while we finish this process.

Among the new projects we’re pursuing is the first ever OHA-sponsored trip to Cuba, guided by Charles Bittner, who will be leading our group on a tour in December. We’ll be releasing details soon. We’re also working on our first webinar, most likely one on oral history podcasting, that will come out in June.

At the same time, we’re busily planning the next OHA conference, which will be in Salt Lake City. Thanks to the Program Committee, Allison Tracy-Taylor, Adrienne Cain and Carlos Lopez for their hard work in putting together the call for papers. It promises to be a terrific conference in a beautiful area. We hope you’ll join us.

Finally, our doctoral student, Jordan Alexander, has left us to complete his required third year internship. We are grateful for his hard work and wish him the best. Jennifer Ruch, also a doctoral student, has replaced him and has taken over the social media for the organization. Welcome, Jenn!

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