OHA Annual Meeting Live-Streaming of Sessions on Facebook Page

Below is the schedule of panels that will be live-streamed on the OHA Facebook page during the Annual Meeting:



African American Oral History
Paper Session
8:30 to 10:00 am (E.S.T.)

Everyone Has a Story: The Role of Oral Tradition among Grassroots Preservationists in Texas’ Historic African American Settlements, Andrea R. Roberts, Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University

Let the Lawyer do the Talking: Shaping Social Movement Narratives of the Long Sixties, Camilo Eugenio Lund-Montano, University of California, Berkeley

Mississippi’s Other Movement: Lessons from the Digital Starkville Civil Rights Project, Judith Ridner, Mississippi State University

Writing about Traveling while Black: Impact of Green Book, Newspapers, and Oral-History on Travel History of an African-American Family, Kathryn Dungy, St. Michael’s College; Ray Black, Colorado State University

Gwendolyn Etter-Lewis, Miami University


Civil Rights and Human Rights: Digital and Oral Histories in the US-Mexico Borderlands
10:30 to 12:00 pm (E.S.T.)

Journalists in the Long and Wide Civil Rights Movement: The Untold Story Behind the Storytellers, Melita M. Garza, Texas Christian University

Civil Rights, Human Rights, Labor Rights: Farmworkers and Migration in the US Southwest, Veronica Reyes-Escudero, University of Arizona

Killing the Messengers: The Importance of Oral History for Freedom of Expression in Mexico and Beyond, Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante, University of Arizona

Desert Voices: Notes on Producing an Oral History Website with a Journalism History Class, Linda Lumsden, University of Arizona

Anna Sheftel, Saint Paul University


Race, Memory, and Reconciliation: The Aftermath of the 2015 Charleston Killings
1:45 to 3:15 pm (E.S.T.)

Making Sense of the Tragedy: Oral History and the Emanuel Massacre, Marina Laura Lopez, Citadel Oral History Program

Teaching the Emanuel Massacre in the Charleston Classroom, Kieran W. Taylor, 1966

On Reconciliation and Racial Justice in Charleston, South Carolina, Vicki Callahan, University of South California

Kieran W. Taylor, The Citadel



When I Was Your Age: Using Oral Histories to Learn about Childhoods & Youth
8:30 to 10:00 am (E.S.T.)

Rachael A. Beyer, University of Delaware

Heidi MacDonald, University of Lethbridge

Joel P. Rhodes, Southeast Missouri State University

Christa Patricia Whitney, Yiddish Book Center

Donna Alvah, St. Lawrence University


Influencing Public Discourse & Policy through First-Hand Testimony
10:30 to 12:00 pm (E.S.T.)

Abandoned: Stories from Survivors of Gun Violence, Holly Werner-Thomas, Columbia University

The Texas After Violence Project, Jane Field, Texas After Violence Project

Oral History, Organizing, and Creation of Subjectivity (or, Why Should I Be A Member Anyway), Daniel Horowitz Garcia, Alternative Historian; StoryCorps


Contemporary Student Activism
Paper Session
2:15 to 3:45 pm E.S.T.

Days of Resistance: Documenting Black Lives Matter in Higher Education, Cynthia Tobar, Teachers College, Columbia University

Documenting the Silences of the Disenfranchised: Reclaiming the Narratives of Black Female Student Activists, Lae’l Hughes-Watkins, Kent State University Libraries

Within These Walls: The Place of (Be)longing, Anger, and Power in Geography Students’ Strike at Concordia University, Nadia Hausfather, Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, Concordia University

Leslie McCartney, University of Alaska, Fairbanks



Oral History and the Structural Violence of Deindustrialization
9:00 to 10:30 am E.S.T.

Talking Violence and Danger in Gentrifying St-Henri, Montréal Fred Burrill, Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, Concordia University

Working-Class Erasure: Oral Histories of Displacement in Deindustrialized Spaces, Lachlan MacKinnon, St. Mary’s University

Company Ephemera, Class and Identity, Angie Arsenault, Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, Concordia University

Remembering the Unremarkable: Labour Process and Shopfloor Cultures in Female Dominated Factories, Andy Clarke, Newcastle University

Steven High, Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, Concordia University


Climate Change
Paper Session
1:45–3:15 p.m. E.S.T.

Oral Histories of Environmental Futures: A Project on Climate Change and Energy in Philadelphia, Roger Eardley-Pryor, University of California, Berkeley

Stories from the Ice: Oral History, Global Warming, and Photographing the Land, Kathleen M. Ryan, University of Colorado Boulder

After Activism: Community Environmentalism and the Sydney Tar Ponds Cleanup, 1999-2004, Lachlan MacKinnon, Cape Breton University

Polluted Purifiers: An Oral History of Southeast Louisiana’s Oyster Farmers in the Wake of the Deepwater Horizon Environmental Disaster, Joselyn Whitney Takacs, University of Southern California

Laurie Mercier, Washington State University

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