Executive Co-Director’s Column

By Kristine McCusker


Greetings from the co-directors who have spent the past two months representing the Oral History Association at various meetings, professional organizations and conferences nationally and internationally.

In April, Louis Kyriakoudes attended the American Council of Learned Societies in Philadelphia where he was able to meet other executive directors. Highlights of the meeting included sessions on leadership, data protection and most importantly, developing pro-active policies on harassment and other issues.

In May, he was a guest at the University of Ghent in Belgium to participate in a doctoral defense panel of international scholars. At the meeting, he was able to discuss oral history methods and work at the law school, where they are working on human rights abuses. He is hoping to develop a relationship with them.

In mid-May, Kris McCusker spent time with colleagues at the Organization of American Historians, talking about potential partnerships with them. We are happy to announce that the crack editorial team at the Oral History Review will be holding a workshop on publishing and oral history at the OAH conference in Philadelphia in 2019.

She also spent time at the National Council on Public History, visiting especially with Executive Director Stephanie Rowe, who had some great suggestions regarding the OHA and future growth.

In early June, she presented a paper at the International Country Music Conference, especially talking about the good work the OHA is doing and why popular music scholars need to be using oral history methodology. Then, she attended the Southern Association for Women Historians where she was able to visit with former OHA president and executive secretary Rebecca Sharpless.

Finally, Kris and intrepid Program Associate Faith Bagley will be visiting potential sites for the 2021 annual conference, checking out whether they are a good fit for our organization.

Please note: Major construction begins on our building July 17 and we will be without access to our phone from July 17 until Aug. 20. If you need to contact the executive office, emailing us is best at oha@oralhistory.org. We will be able to return phone calls, but won’t be able to answer them immediately. Thanks for your patience!

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