Register for OHA’s upcoming webinar–Documenting Your Community: Planning Skills for Oral History Projects

Documenting Your Community: Planning Skills for Oral History Projects
Friday, November 3, 2017
1:00 p.m. EST
1 hour
Cost: Free
Description: The purpose of this webinar is to help people who are at the very earliest stages of planning community oral history projects determine what work will be required and what resources they will need. This one-hour session will cover the basics of project planning and give participants a sense of what skills and resources are necessary for developing and sustaining a community oral history project. The webinar will include sample planning templates that participants can customize.
Presenters: Jeff D. Corrigan, California State University Monterey Bay and Mary A. Larson, Oklahoma State University
Registration is required:
Sponsors:  Arizona State University, California State University Monterey Bay, Oklahoma State University, and Oral History Association
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