Coming Sept. 1 to a screen near you

By Andrew W. Shaffer
Social Media Coordinator

To celebrate the OHA’s 50th anniversary, the Oral History Review has put together our first ever virtual issue, exploring the nature and value of oral history. This special edition draws from decades of work in the OHR, pulling articles from as far back as 1973 and as recent as 2013.

By making these selected articles accessible in this format, we aim to encourage contemplation about the changing nature of oral history and to stimulate continued conversations about the particular values our discipline has to offer. We hope this is the first of many themed virtual issues to come, and are eager to hear from all of you with ideas about what to take up next.

You can check out the virtual issue online beginning Sept. 1 at, or

suggest themes and collections for future issues by contacting Editor in Chief Kathryn Nasstrom at

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