OHA Mentorship Program in its third year and going strong

It’s time to get excited about seeing new faces and welcoming new colleagues in Long Beach this October! Now in its third year, the OHA Mentorship Program will again offer mentorship pairing, along with other networking and social opportunities, for newcomers to the OHA Annual Meeting.

Since 2014 the Mentorship Development Team has been working to bridge the gap between OHA veterans and newcomers to the field and to the Annual Meeting. The Mentorship Program grew out of a recognized need to welcome new and/or young professionals into the organization and to provide them with guidance for navigating the Meeting. The Program also strives to promote connection and collaboration outside of the Meeting. Above all, the mentorship experience is meant to encourage fun and easy networking and to promote continued growth and diversity within OHA.

At the heart of the Mentorship Program is the mentorship pairing process that introduces one newcomer to one OHA veteran. The pairs are introduced via email in the weeks leading up to the Annual Meeting. This year we hope to offer an official meet-up for the pairs (Stay Tuned!), but we encourage pairs to meet on their own when and wherever is convenient. We ask mentors to not only offer advice about how to get the most out of the Annual Meeting, but also to share their stories and experiences and introduce mentees to other colleagues and potential collaborators. This is an opportunity to give newcomers a one-on-one interaction and ask questions that they may not typically be able to. And in return, we hope that mentors are excited and energized by the new conversations and projects that newcomers are bringing to the community.

Newcomers can sign up for the Mentor Pairing through online registration for the Annual Meeting. If you are interested in serving as a mentor or you have any questions about the program please contact Ellen Brooks at ellen.b.brooks@gmail.com.

We are looking forward to the continued success of this program in Long Beach. See you in October!

Ellen Brooks, Wisconsin Veterans Museum

Erica Fugger, Columbia University

Kristen La Follette, California State University Monterey Bay

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