Back in the day…

Bus 2

Big news for OHA in 1975 was raising membership dues to $10, up from $7.50 the previous year, equivalent to a whopping $36.23 in today’s dollars.

A 1974 issue of the OHA Newsletter also recounted a memorable snafu at that year’s annual meeting:

Oral historians who attended the ninth annual OHA Colloquium at Grant Teton National Park had to be an intrepid bunch. According to the newsletter, there was a problem with Frontier airlines, the Friday and Saturday keynote speakers cancelled, and the bus back to the airport from the national park broke down with about 50 attendees on board.  “There’s really no other way to put it: even the driver deserted it after a feeble attempt to motivate its sputtering engine. The good fellowship and unselfishness of some passing drivers salvaged a potentially unwieldy situation and turned it into just another anecdote for OHA annals.”

To enjoy similar accounts of past OHA escapades and travails, check out the weekly series Throwback Thursday at, as we recall events in the life of the association leading up to this year’s 50th anniversary celebration.

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