NEH provides opportunity for oral history


The 2015 guidelines for the NEH Division of Preservation and Access’s Humanities Collections and Reference Resources program include oral history interviews, in accord with the NEH’s Common Good initiative.  They also specifically mention the OHA’s Principles and Best Practices.

The relevant language states:

“In conjunction with the Common Good initiative, applicants to HCRR may request support to create, preserve, and make available oral history interviews with individuals who can provide eyewitness insights on the experience of war—actual military experience, and/or the impact of war on the American home front during wartime and its aftermath. Informants could include veterans, family members, and others, such as local officials or employees of military bases and industries in places in which the experience of war and its consequences were or are deeply felt.”

And later . . . “For projects to create oral histories about war and military service in conjunction with the Common Good initiative, identify interviewees, to the extent possible, and provide examples of questions to be asked. Discuss plans for preparatory research, recording equipment, interview setting, securing permissions, and post-interview preservation and access methods, such as audio streaming, transcription, or time-based indexing. For guidance, refer to the statement of Principles and Best Practices published by the Oral History Association. Interviews of military veterans should be produced so as to facilitate their inclusion in the Veterans History Project collection of the Library of Congress.”

The deadline for HCRR applications is July 21, 2015 for projects beginning in May 2016.  For more information, go to HCRR.


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