Special session at meeting to discuss OHA strategic plan

As many of you know, in conjunction with the new executive structure, the OHA has been undergoing a strategic planning process to help chart where the organization will be going over the next four years. Toward that end, we have have been working with Janet Rechtman, a strategic planning consultant. Janet is no stranger to oral history; for years she has sat on the board of the Foxfire Fund, associated with the famous oral history-based teaching practice. Since March, she has worked closely with OHA Council to develop a document articulating our mission, vision, values and objectives, as well as a longer document outlining an action plan.

Janet will be in attendance at the OHA meeting in Oklahoma City. Saturday morning, October 12, from 8:30-9:45, she will be available in Grand Ballroom C to discuss the plan as it has evolved, and to receive feedback from OHA members and others. We welcome your input!

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