HOTEL UPDATE OHA 2013 Annual Meeting

All of the rooms at the Skirvin, the conference hotel, have now been reserved.

The OHA has booked additional rooms at the Hampton Inn and Suites, 5-6 blocks from the Skirvin, in the Bricktown district. Conference rates are $149 for a room with a single king-sized bed, and $154 for a room with double queen-sized beds. To book a room, call 405-232-3600 and notify the hotel that you are with the OHA. In addition, we will also be getting a personalized group website from the hotel in the near future through which people can also make a reservation.

All reservations must be received by the hotel by September 18, 2013.

Information about other hotels near the Skirvin and housing updates can be located on the OHA website:

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